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Determining Your Tank's Location & Capacity

If you are not able to locate your tank or do not know its capacity, there are a couple of options you might explore:

• Check the old sales records of your home.
• Contact your local Health Department to see if they might have the septic field mapping and tank information on your home.
• Check with your neighbors. Perhaps the builder who installed their septic system may have also installed yours (oftentimes, site layouts are similar).
• *If none of these options provides the information, below are some others that might provide a resolution.

Brendels can locate your tank!

Site Probe - Our technician will come to your home and use a probe to identify your tank's location. He will then pump out your septic tank and will easily be able to determine the size of your tank.

Septic "Mousing" - A term used to describe a device that is flushed down your toilet and then tracked to your septic tank. However, if there are any obstructions or your pipes are blocked, this method will not provide results.

Septic Camera - This method is very effective in determining tank location, as well as providing a look at the lines leading to your tank. This is the most expensive of the options and is primarily used to determine the condition of your lines.

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